How Long Does Duct Sealing Last? - A Comprehensive Guide

Find out how long does duct sealing last? Learn about factors determining lifespan of an air duct sealant & how Filterbuy LOCAL professionals help maintain optimal indoor air quality.

How Long Does Duct Sealing Last? - A Comprehensive Guide

Ideally, duct seals should last as long as the rest of the duct system, but they are often observed to fail within a few years. The Aeroseal has a 10-year warranty and has undergone strength tests for 40 years in residential applications. Many factors determine the lifespan of an air duct sealant, such as the age of the air conditioning system, the climate in which the building is located, the efficiency of the appliances that depend on the air conditioning system, the frequency with which the filters are changed, and the maintenance of the rest of the system. This sealant was created because of the difficulty of sealing ducts from the outside, especially in hard-to-reach areas.

Aeroseal can be used to seal sheet metal air conditioning ducts lined with concrete slabs under certain conditions. Filterbuy and the United States Department of Energy recommend leaving ducts in the hands of professional sealants. Leaks can occur due to small tears in the ducts, cracks in old sealant, and even kinks or punctures caused by age, pests, or deficiencies. The professionals at Filterbuy LOCAL are dedicated to helping you maintain optimal indoor air quality through specific services such as cleaning air ducts and dryer grilles. Each part of the duct to be sealed must be sealed from the outside and pressurized to ensure that aerosol does not escape.

Start by sealing air leaks with putty or metal tape and insulating any ducts you can access (such as those in attics, mezzanines, unfinished basements, and garages). It uses synthetic nanoparticles, which are tiny particles that are specially manufactured to fit together and create a way to prevent air from escaping, in order to make the ducts as airtight as possible. The air duct sealant is used to fill holes for expensive leaks that can occur throughout the duct system. If you notice any signs that your air ducts are not working perfectly, a Filterbuy LOCAL professional will be happy to examine your situation and give you professional and honest advice.

Sealing the air ducts

is maintenance that ensures that they are sealed and that air conditioners are where they should be while keeping outside air out.

In addition, leaks can allow by-products from large appliances to leak into spaces in the house that should be free and clear. The disadvantage of the discrete nature of ducts is that it is very difficult to know for sure if they are clean, properly sealed, and working properly. Because ducts are often hidden in walls, ceilings, attics, and basements, repairing them can be difficult. There is also an air duct sealant that can be sprayed inside the duct to seal it from the inside. At Filterbuy LOCAL we understand how important it is for your home's air quality to remain healthy and safe. Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping you maintain your home's air quality through specific services such as cleaning air ducts and dryer grilles.

We also offer aerosol sealing services for hard-to-reach areas so you can rest assured that your home's air quality is up to par.